June 04, 2015

REVIEW – NEET Cable Keepers

By Becky

The product(s) featured in this post was provided to me free of cost to me. This post has not been monetarily compensated. Please note that, as always, any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own.

NEET Cable Keepers

With all of the cables we have these days for our electronics, it isn’t uncommon for us to feel like they are everywhere. So keeping them together to prevent tripping or pulling your charging phone onto the floor, it only makes sense to use a cable keeper.

One of the biggest issues we have had with our teens is the cord breaking apart from the connection that goes into the phone. We end up trying to use duct tape to keep them together which equals a sticky mess. With NEET Cable Keepers, this will now be a thing of the past.

NEET Cable keepers come in a variety of colors as well as lengths. They also have some that come with a cable to fit your type of unit. (IOS, Android). A really cool plus with these cable keepers is they come with a zipper, and inside there is a small groove that helps you secure your cord if you are only putting one cord inside of it. Another great idea is categorizing cords by keeper colors or person. (each person has their own color for each of their devices.)

NEET Cable Keepers

Neet Cable Keepers come in the following choices:

  • NEET Cable KeeperM: Cable Organizer Designed for mobile device cables 3ft/100cm or longer . These cost $12.00 each and come in black, blue, yellow, gold, green, light blue, pink, red, purple, silver, white and yellow. Cable Not Included.
  • NEET CABLE KEEPER UNIVERSAL 3 FT. / 100CM LONG (KEEPER ONLY): These keepers cost $12.00 each and come in all of the colors mentioned above. They are the sleeve only.
  • NEET M CABLE KEEPER WITH MICRO USB OR MFI LIGHTNING CABLE 3FT/100CM: This style comes in 2 choices: the micro usb and the Apple Mfi Lightning Cable. These cost $18.00 each. Colors include, black, blue, yellow, gold, green, light blue, pink, red, purple, silver, white and yellow. This includes products from top brands such as Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Huawei, Philips, Siemens and many more.
April 18, 2015

Neet Cable Keeper Review – Easy Mobile Cable Organizer!

By Kendra Gammie

In today’s society of technology users, there is one thing almost everyone has an abundance of … mobile cables! Like most, we have boxes of cables that, if not stored carefully, can become tangled in a heart beat. Never mind the fact that they all look the same. A big thanks goes out to Neet Products and their Cable Keeper, as they help to make your cable life so much easier!


We received the Cable Keeper in an incredbily simple packaging, which on the front features a picture of the product and the fact that it can help you organize, protect, identify and do more, all with this one accessory.

Neet Cable Keeper-2

On the back, Neet Products dig a little deeper into what each of those sub headings mean, with a few photo examples.

Neet Cable Keeper-1

The Cable Keeper is three feet lock and has a diameter of 0.25″, which for most that will hold three mobile cables. The Cable Keeper unzips to let you place your lightning cable within it.

Neet Cable Keeper-6

The lightning cable is now able to be stored in a much more organized fashion. This is reported to help reduce the amount of wear and tear placed on those cable ends and to help identify certain cables with ease.

Neet Cable Keeper-4

The Cable Keeper is available in eleven different bright and vibrant colors, letting you choose based on personal preference or for a specific color management system. At the a low price of $12.00 this is very reasonable price to keep your sanity and cables clear of tangles.

Neet Cable Keeper-3

We found that the Neet Cable Keeper is truly a unique accessory really to any smartphone. The Cable Keeper also features a stiff piece of steel that can be folded and mended into any orientation you would like. You could even turn this Cable Keeper into a stand for your iPhone! One of the ways we best used the Cable Keeper was by storing our lightning cable. This made life much easier rather than having to worry about it getting tangled when in transit.

Neet Cable Keeper-5

Overall, we were very impressed by the Neet Cable Keeper and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, easy and cheap way to store your mobile cables. For that, we award Neet Products with our Innovation Award!

April 12, 2015


~ Influence Central received a NEET M Cable Keeper to facilitate our post. All opinions are our own.

Spring is here! So that means it’s time to clean out drawers, get organized, and consolidate items as much as possible.

A new product that I found to help me with my office spring cleaning is NEET Product’s Cable Keeper. All you have to do is slide cables through the cable keeper and zip it up, and the areas near your electronics are instantly neater!

Up to three cables can fit in each cable keeper, so even if your computer area has six cords, it will only seem like there are two. These cable keepers come in 11 different colors, so based on what they’re used for, you use various colored NEET Cable Keepers to sort and identify your cords. Color coding is a major problem solver for when every cord looks the same and you just want to charge your phone!

Perhaps my favorite aspect of these cable keepers is that they make areas with cords so much safer. Since the cords are wrapped up, it’s much more difficult for a child or a pet (or clumsy adult) to trip over and hurt themselves. (Or to pull a laptop or tablet on to the floor!) With so many possible uses for the NEET cable keeper, getting one is a no-brainer!

You can purchase a 3-foot NEET M Cable Keeper with no cable for $12 or a 3-foot NEET M Cable Keeper with Micro USB or MFi Lightning Cable for $18 at needproducts.com or on Amazon.



April 06, 2015


By Monique Barrett


Tired of untangling cords on your chargers, headphones and other electronic devices while traveling? NEET Cable Keeper is a unique cable management product that eliminates the frustration of having to unravel cords that get twisted while sitting in your bag, carry-on or briefcase.

 Constructed in a sleeve-like design, the NEET Cable Keeper is made with brightly colored fabric that features a structured wire within the seams to provide protection for the cable while allowing owners to form the cable into virtually any convenient shape. The wiring gives the product the ability to fit a variety of cables and keep them free of tangles.

 The zipper opening makes it easy for owners to quickly add one or more cables while they’re on the go. The fabric shell of the device also helps reduce the everyday wear and tear from carrying your devices around in your bags.

 NEET Cable Keeper is available in 10 colors, including black, light blue, gold, green, royal blue, pink, red, silver, white and yellow, and three styles: universal ($12), micro-USB to USB ($17) and MFi Apple Lightning Cable ($30). The universal product fits a variety of mobile device cables and chargers, including top brands like Apple, Blackberry and Samsung, as well as cords for tablets, iPads, smart watches and Bluetooth devices.


Learn more at neetcable.com.

March 10, 2015


By Winston Landau

The NEET cable keeper ($12) is one of those ideas that seems so simple as to be obvious in retrospect. Seriously, why didn’t I think of this?

Basically, it’s a fabric sleeve that stores cables. You can unzip it, load up a bunch of cables (my record is six), zip it back up, and boom—you have a cable bundle. It’s pretty handy for all your desktop cables or back of the TV and xbox cables—you know, stuff that doesn’t get transported anywhere a whole lot.

Another neat feature: it has a bendable wire running down it’s spin, so you can form it to latch onto something, wind it up with the expectation it’ll stay bound, or wrap it around your wrist if you’re going somewhere. With cables, I assume.

Overall, the cable keeper is simple, easy to use, and it’s pretty great to have a few kicking around. After all, life’s a little better when the cables are a little better organised.

March 02, 2015

NEET Cable Keeper Review: Reducing Cable Clutter

By Kirsti Correa


Technology and electronics have undoubtedly made lives easier, allowing people to connect to their devices no matter where they are. However, one of the problems with toting a phone and tablet around is the lengthy cords that must tag along. Even if you’re only planning on using your device for a few hours, it’s not enough to rely on the battery life to power it all day. The cables — and tangled mess that results from transporting the chargers — are an unfortunate byproduct.

Fortunately, there are some options to reduce the clutter you must carry around with your devices and the time you spend unraveling unruly cords. NEET Productsoffers a solution that will also protect your cords.

Declutter the Cords

The NEET Cable Keeper is one solution to manage the tangles. The sleeve features a fabric shell that wraps around the cable, and opens and closes with the pull of a zipper. It is also roomy enough to store multiple cords. You can store about three cables in one spot, which is especially helpful for users on the go. A structure wire inside helps to protect the cables from ripping and tearing when they’re wound up inside your purse or backpack.

The Cable Keeper can store any type of cord.


It fits cables for all mobile devices and tablets, but keep in mind that it is three feet long. Most standard chargers are equal length, but if you have extended cords for convenience, you may need to look for another solution. While the cable keeper can still be affixed to the long cord, it’s not as beneficial as you’re left with cables hanging off the sides.

Brighter is Better

Multiple color choices are also available ranging from bright hues like yellow and green to primary shades like red and blue. Since the goal of the Cable Keeper is to be convenient, skip the black option as it can easily get lost in a purse or briefcase. Opt instead for the gray or white if you prefer a neutral choice. The colored options are the best bet, as you’ll easily be able to identify which charger is yours and locate it when you stuff it into your bag.

A bright color will work best.


The NEET Cable Keeper is a useful option for anyone who uses electronic devices on the go. It is available now on the NEET Products website for $12.

February 27, 2015

Review: NEET M Cable Keeper

By Tony Bradley

Cords and cables have a mind of their own. You can set up a PC and meticulously string the various cords and cables from one device to another and within a day or two it will look like a pile of spaghetti. You can carefully wind and wrap cables to place in your computer bag and they will invariably intertwine themselves into a giant knotted mess. Having experienced the chaos of cable management I was very interested to take a look at the NEET M Cable Keeper.

The patented NEET M Cable Keeper is designed and assembled in California. The concept is elegant in its simplicity. Basically it is a three foot long strip of nylon mesh with a flexible wire embedded in it that you can zip up so it forms a sleeve around your cable. If you’re using thinner cables you might actually be able to squeeze two or three into one NEET.

There are three unique advantages to using the NEET M Cable Keeper:

1. Eliminate Cable Chaos

The bendable wire in the NEET enables it to maintain its shape. With the NEET you can bend and wind the cable to lay where you want it when it’s in use. You can also easily wind the cable up for storage in a drawer or computer bag without having to worry about untangling it next time you need it. NEET’s tagline is “No more tangles. GUARANTEED!”

2. Protect Cables

I generally wrap all of the cords and cables I store. Winding the cable tightly can lead to stress and fatiguethat damages it over time. With the NEET the wire embedded in the sleeve bears the strain instead so your cable is protected. The nylon mesh sleeve also offers an extra layer of defense against household pets that like to chew through cords.

3. Identify Your Cable(s)

The NEET Cable Keeper is available in 11 different colors. Your white smartphone cable may look just like everyone else’s white smartphone cable, but there won’t be any mistaking your bright red NEET M Cable Keeper. You can also use multiple NEET M Cable Keepers in different colors for the cables connected to your devices so you can easily identify which one is which.


The NEET M Cable Keeper is an elegant solution to the cable management problem and it works as advertised........

February 20, 2015

NEET Cable Keeper Review: Organize and Color Code Your Cables

By Michael Siebenaler

Give your wires a protective covering this winter with the NEET Cable Keeper. This organizing cable cover/keeper protects and identifies your wires complete with a durable, easy installation.

 The Hype

  The simplest cable management solution designed to make it easier to organize, protect and identify your mobile device      cables while    providing you with No More Tangles… Guaranteed. The perfect gift for ANYONE and ANY occasion. Fits    great with any Apple, Android,  BlackBerry or Windows Phone mobile device chargers and sync cables available plus a  growing number of tablets, Bluetooth devices,  speakers, smart watches, cameras and even standard phone cables.

  The Reality

  NEET Products’ universally designed, three-foot (100 cm) NEET Cable Keeper fits all cables for mobile devices cell    phone, tablets and iPad along with other products from Apple, BlackBerry, Huawei, Nokia, HTC, LG, Motorola, Philips,  Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and many more.

NEET Products assembles and designs NEET Cable Keepers in the state of California with a striated, corduroy-type style texture. Keepers are also available with MFI Apple Lightning or micro USB. Available colors are black, light blue (my favorite), gold, green, royal blue, pink, red, silver, white and yellow. These options will likely expand in the future.

The protective wiring helps users avoid a wiry mess. Combine multiple cords together easily. Two or three cables/wires is a decent average. Users can maximize the available space without breaking the keeper. The sturdy zipper and keeper openings also make installation very easy. I could fit an ethernet cable and two power cables (one regular and one wide) in mine.

Adjust the length of cables to avoid unneeded stress and place the keeper in the open, exposed area. These keepers are also great for protection and identification.

These keepers have a patented support wire embedded inside that reinforces for boosting wire life plus users can position them into any shape without hurting the cables/wires. The optional color identification helps user keep track of where each cable/wires are associated with each device/port.

 Neet Products also offers Neet Go, cable management solutions for earbuds (currently in pre-order).

  NEET Cable Keepers are a convenient and practical product that can help avoid damage so you get more enjoyment and  extended  lifetimes from your gear. The 3′ long universal version sells for $12.00; it’s $18.00 for a 3′ long micro USB and $30.00  for a 3′ long  Cable Keeper with MFI Apple Lightning built in.

 Source: Personal purchase

 What I Like: Positionable reinforced casing; Color choices; Durable design; Practical use; Easy-to-install; Cable management    identification option

 What Needs Improvement: More color options


February 18, 2015

Gadget Review: Cable Keeper by NEET Products

By Luke Goldstein

On the surface, the NEET Cable Keeper is a seemingly simple product. It’s like a sweater cozy for your wires that you can zip over them. But its uses extend far beyond color and kitsch.

First off, the NEET Cable Keeper helps someone like me, who has an abundance of wires streaming off the back of his desk, identify which wires are connected to which devices. Before I wrapped my wires with the Cable Keeper, everything was the same: anonymous white- or black-coated cords. Now I know blue is my power cord, red leads to the external drive, and pink is for my keyboard.

The first benefit you don’t see right away is that the Cable Keeper is reinforced inside, so you can crimp and bend the wires in whatever way you like. This can keep them from swinging off the back of your desk, makes them stay put plugged into the side of your laptop, or just bend into a tight pattern for easily storage.

The zipper enclosure is also big enough to send one wire through multiple times to shorten the length, or place two or three wires (depending on their thickness) together to cut down on the chaos going on behind your computer.

Eliminate tangles, identify your cables, and destroy wiry mayhem on your desk. All this can be done with the NEET Cable Keeper.

February 04, 2015

NEET Cable Keeper Universal Unboxing Review - The Chris Voss Show

By Chris Voss

The Chris Voss Show

Chris Voss gives his unboxing review of the NEET Cable Keeper.