NEET Products Introduces Cable Keeper for Q3 of 2014



NEET Products Introduces Cable Keeper for Q3 of 2014

NEET Products introduces new invention, NEET Cable Keeper, a stylish and colorful cable
management product designed to help organize, protect and identify mobile devices.

Fontana, California – August 5, 2014 – NEET is the first cable management product of its kind created to custom fit the latest electronic cords. The NEET Cable Keeper is a sleeve made with vibrant fabric that feels great to the touch and has a wire designed to allow users form the cable and prevent tangles. Installation is simple with the full zipper opening, allowing for one or more cables to be added with ease. The NEET Cable Keeper is designed to eliminate frustrating cable tangles. Guaranteed!

The NEET Cable Keeper is a multifunctional cable management solution that will organize, protect and help users identify their mobile device cables. The patented sewn-in structure wire allows you to easily organize and hold your cables into compact shapes, saving time and headaches from tangled wires. The colorful fabric sleeve also acts as a protective shield and it allows for adjusting the length of the electronic cords with a simple tuck.

To easily identify your cable, the NEET Cable Keeper has a variety of colors available to consumers. It is available in Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White and Yellow with plans for more colors,designs and customization options to be rolled out in the future. The many colors available allows for color-coding cables and give users the ability to add personal style and flair to their mobile device.

The founder of NEET, Peter Chin, is the spark behind the design and innovation. Chin explained, “In this growing tech age I wanted to develop a product that was sleek, sexy and provide a creative solution to the common frustrations with tangled cables. I think we accomplished it and then some. The fabric material is strong and comfortable, the colors are vibrant and very stylish. The addition of the zipper running the full length of the Cable Keeper allows our users to fit virtually any cable they want, even multiples with just a simple feed and zip. The world’s problem with tangled cables has finally been solved.”

Chin has been in the manufacturing business for over twenty years and understands the intertwined relationship between hot trends, high quality and evolving technology. The idea for NEET came to him after he watched a store clerk creatively wrap his wife’s new necklace to keep it from tangling. Within a week, NEET was born.

“We’re looking at the most commonly used electronic products and have plans to develop new NEET models and colors to custom fit each of them. We already are looking forward to the future,” Chin added. “Next in line we are going to have NEET available for computer cords and even for industrial work.”

The NEET Cable Keeper launched in at the beginning of May 2014. NEET Products will be sold online Amazon US, Amazon UK, Apple Premium Resellers network and Retail outlets include Ontario Mills mall in Southern California and will be available in Fall 2014 at select retailers throughout Asia and Europe.


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